Detachable Dump Bodies in Edmonton

Work trucks come in a variety of sizes and purposes and with Canada’s changing economic outlook, many are looking to explore entrepreneurism as a means of self-sustainability. Whether you’re looking in the construction, landscaping, or oil field service business a dump truck can provide the flexibility and income potential you’re looking for. At Western Truck Body Mfg., we carry Switch N Go™ Detachable Dump Bodies. The Switch-N-Go™ system has all of the benefits of a dump body with the scissor hoist achieving a 50-degree dump angle, which is perfect for dumping mulch, asphalt, compacted … [Read more...]

Transform Your Pickup Truck with Western Truck Body Mfg.

There’s no doubt that most will view the recent downturn in the oil patch as a crisis. A few will realize an opportunity and seize it. According to the Spring 2014 Issue of Service Truck Magazine, “jobs for heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians are expected to grow by nine percent by 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,” (p.5). If you have ever considered transforming your pickup truck into a mobile business today might be the right time. According to Work Truck Magazine, fuel economy savings is realized with 1/2-ton pickup configurations; if you look … [Read more...]

Service Trucks – Your New Albertan Mobile Workshop

Today’s service and installation truck is different than in the past, including keeping an adequate supply requiring more of the truck space. Service bodies, also known as utility beds, are essentially heavy-duty toolboxes on wheels. They are available in a full range of configurations, sizes, materials, and other options, enabling service technicians to haul tools, equipment, and parts they need - organized for quick and easy access - to maximize jobsite productivity. Service bodies enable employees to focus time on doing the job, instead of fumbling through cluttered piles of parts to … [Read more...]

Roll Out Accessories & Cargo Beds

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, we’re your partner in retrieving equipment, parts, supplies, and tools - anything that helps you get your job done including roll out cargo beds for your pickup truck or service vehicle. Extending pickup truck beds and boxes or cargo management solutions make equipment hauling, handling, and storage both efficient and safe day and night. With the right system, you can mount just about anything from welders, generators, tool cribs, and specialized equipment. Cargo management solutions are available for those who need to upfit their work truck or van. At … [Read more...]

Truck Tool Boxes in Edmonton, Custom Built, Knapheide, Adrian | Western

Truck Tool Boxes At Western Truck Body Manufacturing we know toolboxes and carry a number of styles and fits for all makes of pickup trucks and utility vehicles. We carry Knapheide Under Body Tool Boxes and the Adrian Steel Tool Box, as well as custom manufacture high quality tool side, top, and deck boxes, tool chest Heli lift box, and van SUV toolboxes to fit your specific work needs. You don’t have to be a construction worker to enjoy the benefits of a truck tool box. In fact, adding a tool box to the bed of your truck can provide the storage, organization, and security whether you’re … [Read more...]

Truck Work Lights, Hamsar Products & Inventory | Western Truck Body

Truck Work Lights, Hamsar Products at Western Truck Body At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, we know what hard work means, and the value of safety – at all times of day. That’s why we carry Hamsar Work Lights. You’ll never have to work in the dark again. The Hamsar Visi-Light® LED work light utilizes the latest and most powerful LED technology. Provides dependable and efficient working light for your truck from high power LEDs in four effective beam patterns: Spot; Wide Flood; Medium Flood; and, Hybrid Spot and Flood. Hamsar has work lights for any environment. Whether LED, … [Read more...]

Truck Mounted Cranes in Edmonton

Truck mounted cranes are referred to frequently as ‘yard’ or ‘shop’ cranes because of their many general applications. A crane is mounted on a motorized vehicle with chassis of standard design, on heavy duty chassis (when the capacity is up to 7.5 tonne), or on special purpose chassis.   Truck cranes are used for handling large and heavy pieces, as in pipe, lumber, or car wheels, as example out of freight cars and flatbed trucks and into and out of storage. They are used on location and in warehouses, and large assembly plants that are ideal for crane truck activities. Various crane … [Read more...]

Truck Accessories & Service Beds in Edmonton

Pickup Truck Accessories   If you one of the many hard working Western Canadians who makes their living in the oil and gas fields, building supply, construction, public works, mining, or railroad sectors as a professional and technical labourer from the back of your truck – then you need to know the professionals at Western Truck Body Mfg. They’re Canadian leaders in custom truck body manufacturing, repairs, and carry a wide selection of truck and van accessories from top manufacturers for any type of business.   Whether it’s commercial van accessories and truck equipment … [Read more...]

Sales and Service Area at Western Truck Body MFG.

If you work in a trade or heavy industry or you like to tackle a lot of tough projects, working with your hands, and appreciate the usefulness of a powerful vehicle when you have an especially difficult task on your to-do list – then Western Truck Body Manufacturing is the partner you’ve been looking for to accomplish those tasks.   Maybe you need to store and transport equipment for your business, or maybe you simply need a way to haul your dirt bikes to another location. Businesses and adventurers can both benefit from industrial work vehicles. Western Truck Body Mfg. has the … [Read more...]

Van Shelving in Edmonton, Installation & Repair

Western Canada can be tough on vehicles, especially for those working in the building supply, construction, public works, mining, railroad, oil/gas, and propane markets as example. Being organized is a good start to being safe, reducing stress, and staying organized to focus on the job at hand – and shelving for your work van provides a professional solution and look to your business.   Western Truck Body Mfg. carries and installs to the highest quality shelves for your van, specializing in Ranger and Adrian shelving products to maximize the work space in your mobile work van or … [Read more...]

Could a Truck-Mounted Air Compressor Benefit Your Service Vehicle?

The entire purpose of a service vehicle is to be versatile. Whether you are working on the oil field or offering roadside services, having the ability to weld onsite could make a world of difference. Air compressors mounted to your service truck may be the answer to that vital question—how to increase efficiency? Benefits of Truck Mounted Air Compressors in Edmonton Here are some important reasons you may want to consider adding an air compressor to your service truck body: Multi-Functional - Some compressors are multi-functional, which means they can be used for welding as well as … [Read more...]

Parts Department at Western Truck Body Mfg. has Everything Your Truck Body in Edmonton Requires

Maintaining and improving your truck body takes work, skill and the right parts. Whether you’re in Calgary, Lloydminster or Bonnyville, and are looking for components to improve the functionality and capabilities of your truck or you need to repair your service vehicle, the full-service parts counter at Western Truck Body Mfg. in Edmonton has what you need, when you need it. Authorized OEM Parts for Truck Upfitting in Edmonton Instead of purchasing parts online without knowing where the part came from or if it is certified by the original manufacturer, it is far better to make your parts … [Read more...]

Great Products, Even Better Service: What You Can Expect from Western Truck Body Mfg.

Western Truck Body Mfg. was started for one reason: to provide superior service and parts to the hardworking individuals of our country. We take pride in being able to give our clients access to a large inventory, excellent service and of course, team members that truly care. Why Choose Western Truck Body Mfg.? We make it a top priority to deliver excellent service, but we also take the care to ensure that the parts and supplies we offer at our company are truly the best. When you choose Western Truck Body Mfg. you will consistently enjoy: … [Read more...]

Installing Dump Bodies on the Chassis of Your Service Trucks

Dump bodies offer maximum versatility and durability in a single feature. Whether your Edmonton business focuses on landscaping, construction or production, you will find that a dump body offers the dependability and productivity you need. The Benefits of Dump Bodies on Service Truck Bodies in Edmonton When customizing your service vehicle, a dump body makes the obvious choice for unloading heavy hauls. These bodies come in various sizes, ranging from 9 feet to 11 feet in length and enough cubic yard carrying capacity for the heaviest load. Models can be offered with stacked … [Read more...]

The Endless Inventory and Options at Western Truck Body Mfg.

No matter the need or industry, Western Truck Body Mfg. has the inventory to keep your business successful. More importantly, our inventory is available year-round; we know that truck upfitting in Edmonton is not a one-time-of-year season. If you need us, we are here to help! What Can You Find at Western Truck Body? You may be surprised at just how extensive our inventory is. At Western Truck Body Mfg., we have the products you need for truck upfitting, customizing your truck body, and much more. Our year-round inventory stocks include: … [Read more...]

The Process of Truck Upfitting in Edmonton, Calgary & Surrounding Areas of Alberta

Are you starting to realize that your service vehicle or company truck is just not up to the challenges of day to day operations? Perhaps the solution is truck upfitting, rather than buying a new truck. Upfitted vehicles go through an extensive process of customization before they hit the road again, but each step is well worth the wait. Whether you are customizing a truck for landscaping, maintenance or even an oil field, the upfitting process is the only way to truly have an apt vehicle in your fleet. The Steps to Upfitting See all of the steps that go into upfitting your truck, which … [Read more...]

Lubrication Truck Bodies in Edmonton Manufactured Specifically for Local Businesses

Your maintenance mechanic and lubrication truck is the life blood of your business. It is what represents your company’s commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction each day. This is why you need to take advantage of a lube body fabricated by Western Truck Body. The Benefits of a Custom Lube Truck Your business needs lube trucks to maintain machinery and efficiency, whether your operations involve mining or working with heavy equipment. Outdated lubrication trucks often lack contamination control measures, which mean inefficient means for keeping lubrication products clean. … [Read more...]

Western Truck Body Now Carrying Maranda Slip-In Service Bodies

Regular trucks can do a lot, but certain jobs require more storage capacity and durability than a truck bed can provide. Maranda slip-in bodies are a great choice for those who work in the oil, industrial, electric, plumbing, or construction business. They allow you to haul your gear anywhere that a 4-wheel truck is capable of going. If you're looking for Maranda slip-in truck service bodies in Edmonton, then Western Truck Body has you covered. We carry both the lower-capacity Maranda M-90, M-140, and M170 models, and the higher-capacity Maranda V-325, V-365, V-370, and V-375 … [Read more...]

Western Truck Body Will Attend WestDef 2015

Rob Pangrass, from Western Truck Body Mfg. will attend this year’s WestDef (Western Canada’s Premier Defence & Security Conference). WestDef has always been committed to ensuring support of military equipment through End of Life Expectancy. This showcase will offer industry opportunities, capabilities and introduce the technological expertise of companies throughout the country. Rob will be at the event as an exhibitor and a delegate. Western Truck Body Mfg. will have an exhibition and display, where Rob will present door samples and run a slideshow presenting the company’s products as … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Supplier for Custom Pre-Hung Truck Doors in Edmonton

Installing doors on a truck can be challenging, even for service professionals with experience. The process of placing a frame and then the door on a truck must be done with precision, otherwise you run the risk of water or dust entering the truck. Pre-hung doors are a great alternative. These custom truck doors in Edmonton can be made to suit a specific truck and are easy to install on any raw opening. What to Look for in a Pre-Hung Door Supplier Not all pre-hung doors are manufactured equally. It is important you consider a few factors before selecting your door, including: Custom … [Read more...]

Shopping for Air Compressors? Consider the VMAC Underhood Model

Air compressors are a necessary component to your service truck. However, traditional compressors in Edmonton tend to take up valuable cargo space. The new VMAC Underhood Lite air compressor solves that problem by freeing up your cargo space without any compromise on functionality.   Why Choose the VMAC Underhood Lite? If you already have an air compressor in your van, you know it takes up space. That means less room for tools, supplies, etc. in your service truck. The VMAC is one of the lightest and most compact vehicle-mounted air compressors you can use for your fleet in … [Read more...]

Western Truck Body Mfg. and Women Building Futures Make History

Western Truck Body Mfg. has had a long history with Women Building Futures. Since 2004 Western Truck Body Mfg. has been hiring Women Building Futures graduates, hosting worksite tours and providing work experience opportunities for Women Building Futures students. The first graduate that WTB hired in 2004 has since gone on to achieve her standing as a Journeymen Welder. Since then, WTB has hired over 15 graduates of the program. Currently, we have 6 WBF graduates working as welders and in the sheet metal trade. They have all continued their education in the Alberta Apprenticeship program … [Read more...]

Western Truck Body Can Refurbish Your Service Body

Your truck’s service body is a lot more durable than you may realize. Even with minor imperfections or repair issues, these are manufactured for long-term use. You can refurbish a service body in Edmonton and get your truck working as good as new once again.   Benefits of Refurbished Truck Bodies in Edmonton More companies are opting for refurbish than replacement. Whether it is just one service body or an entire fleet, the benefits are tangible. Immense Savings - Compared to the costs of replacement, a refurbish just makes more sense. It can save your business 40 to 50 … [Read more...]

Optimize Your Fleet Management in Edmonton with These Core Strategies

Fleet sustainability is more than just maximizing how long your service vehicles stay in commission – it is also about maximizing the return on your investment. A fleet that costs you too much to operate (especially in fuel costs) is not sustainable for your business. To better manage your fleet, you also need to focus on your drivers. Proper training of your drivers and how they operate your fleet vehicles can greatly influence how sustainable your fleet actually turns out to be. Tips for Increasing the Sustainability of Your Fleet Reduce fuel costs, maintenance and downtime of your … [Read more...]

Defining the Specifications of Your Service Truck Bodies in Edmonton

Your service body or utility bed is how your technicians organize their tools of the trade. Depending on your service industry, you may need a special configuration or size. Western Truck Body Mfg. proudly designs service bodies in Edmonton for plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and other mobile equipment service providers. If you are unsure which truck body is right for your industry and use, our staff can help you decide on the optimal configuration. Tips for Selecting Your Specifications Whether you are picking specifications for an entire fleet or just a few specialty vehicles, … [Read more...]

Your Truck is your investment. Protect it with 57 Years of Experience – Western Truck Body.

Trucks form the backbone of commerce throughout Western Canada and the whole of North America. Air, sea, and rail transportation help connect this region to the rest of the world, but it’s the hundreds of fleets of commercial trucks across the prairie provinces of Canada that connect all industries. Western Truck Body is celebrating 57 years of service to the drivers and vehicles that propel the Canadian economy forward each year. About Western Truck Body For more than half a century now, Western Truck Body has been serving drivers and their vehicles in and around Edmonton, Calgary, Fort … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Truck-Mounted Compressor

Western Truck Body Mfg. provides power to go. We are Alberta's leading heavy equipment dealer. With more than 50 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to match you with the compressor that will work best for your job. Matching the compressor to the job All truck-mounted compressors are not alike. At Western Truck Body Manufacturing we have the know-how, the talent and the patience to listen to your needs and help you select the equipment that will get the job down for you quickly and efficiently. At Western Truck, we currently supply truck-mounted air compressors … [Read more...]

Cranes in Alberta

Western Truck Body Mfg. has been lifting Alberta's industry for more than 50 years. Our truck-mounted cranes adapt to a wide range of industries, everything from agricultural to mining. What sets our Edmonton and Calgary area cranes apart is that we are a one-stop heavy equipment center. We'll sell truck-mounted cranes, help you maintain it, repair it if it breaks down and even customize it to fix your specific needs. What you need to know about Western Truck Body Mfg. cranes Our versatile collection of truck-mounted cranes can adapt to most any use or most any industry. Just a few facts … [Read more...]