Could a Truck-Mounted Air Compressor Benefit Your Service Vehicle?

The entire purpose of a service vehicle is to be versatile. Whether you are working on the oil field or offering roadside services, having the ability to weld onsite could make a world of difference. Air compressors mounted to your service truck may be the answer to that vital question—how to increase efficiency?

Benefits of Truck Mounted Air Compressors in Edmonton

Here are some important reasons you may want to consider adding an air compressor to your service truck body:

  • Multi-Functional – Some compressors are multi-functional, which means they can be used for welding as well as other electric tools out in the field. The right compressor can do everything from allowing you to use a nail gun to applying paint via a paint sprayer to changing a tire with an impact wrench, and much more.
  • Power – A single unit can start up all equipment with a single battery charge, and boost capability is available too, increasing from 12V to 24V.
  • Welding Capacity – Enjoy high-frequency welding, safe multi-function capabilities, auto throttle control, and CV Mig capabilities.
  • Accessory Potential – Truck mounted compressors can also feature additional accessories, such as longer welding cables, battery booster cables, larger fuel tank, condensation drains, cold weather kits and GFI kits.

Picking the Right Air Compressor for Truck Bodies in Edmonton

It is important to pick the right air compressor for your service body. When looking for an air compressor, some factors to consider include:

  • The line of work. For what purpose will you be using your air compressor and truck-mounted welder? Whether that is for construction, fire department work, oil and gas, etc. you need to use the right compressor for the application.
  • You must also decide the numerous other applications you will use it for, such as high-powered air tools in addition to welding.
  • You will also want to consider the power, whether that is, gas or diesel.


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