Finding the Right Supplier for Custom Pre-Hung Truck Doors in Edmonton

Installing doors on a truck can be challenging, even for service professionals with experience. The process of placing a frame and then the door on a truck must be done with precision, otherwise you run the risk of water or dust entering the truck. Pre-hung doors are a great alternative. These custom truck doors in Edmonton can be made to suit a specific truck and are easy to install on any raw opening.

What to Look for in a Pre-Hung Door Supplier

Not all pre-hung doors are manufactured equally. It is important you consider a few factors before selecting your door, including:

  • Custom Builds – Not all truck bodies are exactly the same. You need a company that specializes in truck up-fitting in Edmonton to offer custom sizes and finishes to suit your specific truck. Then, all you have to do is rivet or fasten it into the raw opening.
  • Corrosion Proof – Pre-hung doors are an investment; therefore, you want an aluminum door that will last. Look for a company that manufactures corrosion-resistant doors, door jams and inner jams.
  • Tight Seal – Adjustable cam locking system will provide excellent anti-theft protection as well as ensuring a tight seal. This can prevent water, dust and dirt from getting inside the cab. Look for pre-hung doors specifically made with weatherproofing technology.
  • Finishes – You want choices when it comes to the finish. Look for a supplier that offers multiple finish options, such as powder coated or sanded (ready to paint in-house).


Western Truck Body Mfg. is your local expert for truck up-fitting in Edmonton. We can custom build a pre-hung door to suit your truck’s exact specifications. With our high-quality, corrosion-proof doors, you get a secure, cost-effective solution that will last your truck for years.


Contact us today to place your order for a custom pre-hung truck door or to learn more about our services.