Installing Dump Bodies on the Chassis of Your Service Trucks

Dump bodies offer maximum versatility and durability in a single feature. Whether your Edmonton business focuses on landscaping, construction or production, you will find that a dump body offers the dependability and productivity you need.

The Benefits of Dump Bodies on Service Truck Bodies in Edmonton

When customizing your service vehicle, a dump body makes the obvious choice for unloading heavy hauls. These bodies come in various sizes, ranging from 9 feet to 11 feet in length and enough cubic yard carrying capacity for the heaviest load. Models can be offered with stacked cross-members or be cross-memberless under structures as well.

Not all dump bodies are created the same. That is why it is important to take your truck to a company that specializes in truck bodies in Edmonton. The team at Western Truck Body Mfg. has years of experience designing and installing specialty beds and bodies. We use only the best manufacturers and products for the bodies we design, which offers you several benefits, including:

  • Corrosion Resistance – We ensure the dump bodies used in our upfitting feature corrosion resistant materials and paints for maximum durability.
  • Functionality – You can choose from a variety of dump bed models, including flatbed/platform styles, conventional dumps, contractor dumps and landscape dumps so that your truck is suited to your industry.
  • Maximum Payloads – You can find the right maximum weight load based on your truck’s chassis. Our team will assess the maximum weight limit of your truck chassis and then find the suitable dump body that allows you to maximize payload while never having to sacrifice efficiency or safety.
  • Hoist Options – You can choose from electric or PTO hoists. An electric hoist operates from the truck’s battery, while a PTO hoist operates from the engine. Depending on whether you are seeking a light or heavy-duty application, one or both types might work best for you.
  • Single and Multi-Directional Hoists – In addition to power options, you can also find single and multi-directional hoists. While most dump bodies come in single direction, if needed, we can help you find the multi-directional body you need for your company’s specifications.

Western Truck Body is your local service provider for Edmonton truck bodies. We understand the importance of a customized, well-structured dump body. Our goal is to help improve your business operations in the best way we can. We offer detachable, switch-and-go- models so that you can maximize the efficiency of your entire fleet.

Contact us online today. Give us a call at 780-466-8065 to learn more about our dump truck bodies and upfitting options in Edmonton or to request an estimate.