Lubrication Truck Bodies in Edmonton Manufactured Specifically for Local Businesses

Your maintenance mechanic and lubrication truck is the life blood of your business. It is what represents your company’s commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction each day. This is why you need to take advantage of a lube body fabricated by Western Truck Body.

The Benefits of a Custom Lube Truck

Your business needs lube trucks to maintain machinery and efficiency, whether your operations involve mining or working with heavy equipment. Outdated lubrication trucks often lack contamination control measures, which mean inefficient means for keeping lubrication products clean. Lubricating machines (such as those found in mining, oil fields and industrial applications) must have clean lubrication at all times. Contaminated lubrication can lead to unnecessary breakdowns and even higher operational costs.

Just some benefits of designing your own lube truck include:

  • Employee Satisfaction – Making improvements and customizing your truck body does not just benefit machinery, it equally benefits individuals working for your company and using those machines. Lube technicians are proud of their vehicles, more likely to take care of them and find their working hours more efficient when they have a truck designed to their job’s specifications.
  • Cleaner Lubricants – A well-designed truck offers cleaner lubricants and delivers benefits to the equipment in the field. Cleanliness can be further maintained by implementing safeguards that prevent other fluids from entering lubricants. Also, the right design can ensure dirt and dust are not allowed to enter the compartment and contaminate the lubricants.
  • Efficient Maintenance and Lower Costs – Customized truck bodies allow your business to enjoy more reliable vehicles, better filtration and your company can meet defined goals. When the truck is specifically designed to meet your company’s needs, you will also notice that maintenance is more efficient and the costs of operating the vehicle are lower.

Western Truck Body is your local expert for service truck bodies in Edmonton. Whether you want a customized lubrication truck for your oil field or your local refinery needs better oil contamination measures, we can help. We offer a variety of lubrication bodies for every application and these bodies can be further tailored to your company’s exact specifications. When it comes to maintaining truck bodies, Western Truck Body Mfg. has the service and parts on hand to keep your truck operating as efficiently as possible.


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