Optimize Your Fleet Management in Edmonton with These Core Strategies

Fleet sustainability is more than just maximizing how long your service vehicles stay in commission – it is also about maximizing the return on your investment. A fleet that costs you too much to operate (especially in fuel costs) is not sustainable for your business.

To better manage your fleet, you also need to focus on your drivers. Proper training of your drivers and how they operate your fleet vehicles can greatly influence how sustainable your fleet actually turns out to be.

Tips for Increasing the Sustainability of Your Fleet

Reduce fuel costs, maintenance and downtime of your fleet by sharing these tips with your drivers. Consider implementing these tips into a training strategy so that your entire fleet uses these best practices.

  • Speed – Staying under 50 mph could reduce fuel consumption by as much as 1.4 percent, while driving over 55 mph increases it by an estimated 14 percent.
  • Never Idle – Instead of leaving a service vehicle idling, tell your drivers to turn off their vehicles. Idling not only increases CO2 emissions, but increases unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • Log Everything – Have fleet operators keep a log noting when they fill up their gas tanks, how many gallons it required, etc. This will let you track which vehicles are consuming too much fuel.
  • Unload Unnecessary Weight – Unnecessary weight and clutter can decrease fuel economy. If your service vehicles need certain supplies, look into truck up fitting in Edmonton to see if there is a more organized way to get supplies on the vehicle. Furthermore, at Western Truck Body Mfg. we use aluminum in our service bodies which is a lighter weight material that also reduces the total weight of your fleet.
  • Drive with Caution – Rapid braking and accelerating is hard on your service vehicle’s components, and it also decreases fuel economy. On the highway, ensure drivers use cruise control.
  • Maintain Your Fleet Regularly – Performing routine maintenance can improve fuel economy and reduce unnecessary downtime. Drivers should ensure tires are properly inflated before driving their service vehicle, and as the owner, you should have your vehicle serviced regularly. Just by changing the oil, changing the engine filter, performing routine tune-ups and aligning tires, you can decrease running costs.

Western Truck Body Mfg. is your local fleet management partner in Edmonton. Whether you need to customize your vehicle or repair a damaged service body, we are here to help keep your fleet sustainable. Contact us today to learn more about our service department or to schedule your up fitting appointment.