Shopping for Air Compressors? Consider the VMAC Underhood Model

Air compressors are a necessary component to your service truck. However, traditional compressors in Edmonton tend to take up valuable cargo space. The new VMAC Underhood Lite air compressor solves that problem by freeing up your cargo space without any compromise on functionality.


Why Choose the VMAC Underhood Lite?

If you already have an air compressor in your van, you know it takes up space. That means less room for tools, supplies, etc. in your service truck. The VMAC is one of the lightest and most compact vehicle-mounted air compressors you can use for your fleet in Edmonton. It was specifically designed to fit the 3.7L Ford Transit, 3.0L Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, 3.6L RAM Promaster and 6.7L Ford SuperDuty.

Just some benefits of using this new compressor over traditional models include:

  • It Is Powerful – Do not confuse the term “compact” for light duty. This air compressor can still handle all compressing needs by offering 30 CFM and up to 150 psi of air. Because it has a 100 percent duty cycle, you will never run out of air.
  • Free Up Cargo Space – Because it is mounted under the hood, you no longer have a large compressor taking up van shelving and cargo space. It runs off your OEM belt line too, so you will not need a receiver tank to operate it.
  • Safer – This underhood unit eliminates the need for a compressor that is run out of the back of your van. Running any type of gas drive inside an enclosed space is dangerous, refueling it is a hassle, and the heat generated from your compressor can damage the sides of your van. With the underhood unit, all of these liabilities are eliminated.
  • Cheaper to Run – Underhood units are cheaper, which means a higher return on the investment for you. They are quick to install and do not require the same maintenance or refilling like traditional gas driven units.

Western Truck Body Mfg. has the latest VMAC Underhood Lite compressor. We can install this unit for you and help you get maximum ROI from your service vans. Looking for more van products? Check out our van shelving in Edmonton to help organize your van cargo area more efficiently.


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