The Process of Truck Upfitting in Edmonton, Calgary & Surrounding Areas of Alberta

Are you starting to realize that your service vehicle or company truck is just not up to the challenges of day to day operations? Perhaps the solution is truck upfitting, rather than buying a new truck. Upfitted vehicles go through an extensive process of customization before they hit the road again, but each step is well worth the wait. Whether you are customizing a truck for landscaping, maintenance or even an oil field, the upfitting process is the only way to truly have an apt vehicle in your fleet.

The Steps to Upfitting

See all of the steps that go into upfitting your truck, which include:

  • Painting – Paint is important; it is what ensures the new truck body actually matches your chassis and your branding colours. The team at Western Truck Body can paint your chassis and body to your specifications.
  • Service Body – A custom service body can be created by our team and then installed on your vehicle chassis. It is then fastened to the body of the chassis for safety.
  • Electrical – To ensure the lights of your service truck body work the way they should, our team will attach the electrical components under the hood to your chassis electrical system and battery. Several lights are installed, including bumper markers, turn signals, etc. for visibility. We typically use LED lights for better visibility, and also for greater efficiency.
  • Hitch – To give you maximum capacity, a tow hitch can also be added to your truck and welded in place for durability.
  • Quality Control and Inspection – Before a truck is released from Western Truck Body Mfg., it goes through our rigorous quality control inspection. We ensure that not only is your vehicle safe, but that it meets all specifications we received from you, the customer.
  • Customized Equipment – Most customers that upfit their trucks add other equipment to that truck. These components are installed after the main service body has been attached and can include compressors, cranes, tool boxes, specialty compartments, organizing racks, etc.

Western Truck Body Mfg. offers customized truck upfitting in Edmonton. We pride ourselves on offering our clients every potential service they would need to keep their fleets operating at their best. Whether you need cosmetic repairs, a new service body or you want to upgrade your interior units, our service experts can help.

Contact us online today or call 780-466-8065 to request an estimate. Chat with our service department to learn more about the truck upfitting process and options you have from Western Truck Body Mfg.