Western Truck Body Now Carrying Maranda Slip-In Service Bodies

Regular trucks can do a lot, but certain jobs require more storage capacity and durability than a truck bed can provide. Maranda slip-in bodies are a great choice for those who work in the oil, industrial, electric, plumbing, or construction business. They allow you to haul your gear anywhere that a 4-wheel truck is capable of going.

If you’re looking for Maranda slip-in truck service bodies in Edmonton, then Western Truck Body has you covered. We carry both the lower-capacity Maranda M-90, M-140, and M170 models, and the higher-capacity Maranda V-325, V-365, V-370, and V-375 models.

Here are just a few of the great features of a Maranda slip-in truck body:

– Durability

Maranda capsules have a seamless unibody design which is known for its strength and durability. The rigidity of the body is further enhanced by internal reinforcements, which also provide a solid anchor for the inside shelving.

– Lightweight Design

If your truck is going to be carrying a heavy load already, then its slip-in body shouldn’t be adding any more weight than it has to. Maranda truck bodies utilize a fiberglass design which is both ultralight and aerodynamic.

– Universal Fit

Maranda truck bodies are designed to have a universal fit. You don’t have to worry about getting a new one if you’re thinking of upgrading to a better truck or if you temporarily have to switch to a different vehicle.

– Customizability

The exteriors of our Maranda units are designed to be easily customizable. Brand your slip-in body with your business’ logo and graphics for free advertisement as you go about your workday.

– A Robust Warranty

Maranda bodies come with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and no reason not to start using them for your business or work needs.

Maranda Slip-In Body Installation and Maintenance

As an experienced truck upfitting company with customers from the Edmonton and Calgary areas, Western Truck Body has the know-how to professionally install and looked after your Maranda slip-in body. Our maintenance, refurbishment, and repair services will help make sure that your Maranda slip-in can withstand the long-term use it was made for, and more. Stop by our Edmonton location or contact us to ask about our Maranda slip-in service bodies today.

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