Cranes in Alberta

Western Truck Body Mfg. has been lifting Alberta’s industry for more than 50 years. Our truck-mounted cranes adapt to a wide range of industries, everything from agricultural to mining. What sets our Edmonton and Calgary area cranes apart is that we are a one-stop heavy equipment center. We’ll sell truck-mounted cranes, help you maintain it, repair it if it breaks down and even customize it to fix your specific needs.

What you need to know about Western Truck Body Mfg. cranes

Our versatile collection of truck-mounted cranes can adapt to most any use or most any industry. Just a few facts about our cranes include:

  • Our cranes can lift from 2,000 to 14,000 pounds
  • Our cranes can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of industries in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, including oil and gas, farming, construction, mining, public works, wind energy and more
  • We offer truck-mounted cranes from 15 feet to 29 feet long
  • Most of our cranes have extension cord or wireless remote options
  • We can custom one crane or an entire fleet
  • We can also install a crane onto your existing truck

Western Truck Body is a supplier of a wide selection of Cranes: Tiger, Venturo, Auto Crane, Cobra, Big Max, Liftmoore, Fassi and SpitzLift.

About Western Truck Body Mfg.

Edmonton-based Western Truck Body Mfg. has been in the heavy equipment business since the 1960s, and we know what it takes to get Alberta’s heavy industries off of the ground. We employ more than 75 skilled and well-trained technicians who provide services that range from custom design manufacturing to hydraulic and electrical work, painting and installing custom accessories.


Western Truck Body offers a wide variety of truck products, including Decks, Compressors, Cranes, Service bodies, Lubrication bodies, Dump bodies Accessories, Detachable Body Systems, Ground to Deck Level Quad and Snowmobile Decks, Slip in Units, Door Systems, Hose Reels, Lube Pumps, Waste Oil Pumps and Systems, Lift Gates, Van Shelving and Inverters.

Services offered at Western Truck Body include, Installations, Repairs, Customizations, Alterations, Refurbish