Roll Out Accessories & Cargo Beds

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, we’re your partner in retrieving equipment, parts, supplies, and tools – anything that helps you get your job done including roll out cargo beds for your pickup truck or service vehicle. Extending pickup truck beds and boxes or cargo management solutions make equipment hauling, handling, and storage both efficient and safe day and night. With the right system, you can mount just about anything from welders, generators, tool cribs, and specialized equipment.

Cargo management solutions are available for those who need to upfit their work truck or van. At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, we understand that an organized vehicle increases work flow efficiencies and reduces inventory damages. In addition to our own customized solutions, we are authorized distributors for a number of leading brands including Cargo Bed.

Since 1987, Cargo Bed has been producing industrial strength extending pickup beds and sliding box extensions. The original Cargo Bed turns your work truck’s cargo space inside out providing access without compromise. Cargo Bed features include:

  • Access to 80 percent of your cargo space from a standing position outside the vehicle;
  • A reduction in back injuries and compensation claims;
  • Built for every make and model of truck including Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Toyota;
  • An affordable permanent asset, ruggedly built for a lifetime of service; and you are
  • Only limited by the carrying capacity of your vehicle.

Patented Cargo Bed sliders are designed and engineered to withstand the rigors and demands of the oilfield and every other industrial or commercial application. Some of the specific Alberta industries that have been well served by Cargo Bed’s cutting-edge pickup bed extenders include: contracting, electrician, and plumbing trades vans and vehicles; oilfield, gas, and pipeline trucks; surveyor and geomatics trucks; heavy duty welding vehicles; and, outdoors and recreational vehicles.

When it comes to finding the right cargo management solution, Tim Walton notes in Hard Working Trucks Online that “When considering a slide-out for your pickup, it’s important pay attention to the capacity of the unit at full extension – and to make sure your cargo falls below the rating of the unit,” adding “consider the types of floors, liners, and coatings that are used.”

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, we ship anywhere in North America. Installing, toolboxes and accessories, especially our custom options is what we do best – we’re here to help. Call today at 780-466-8065 and find out how.