Service Trucks – Your New Albertan Mobile Workshop

Today’s service and installation truck is different than in the past, including keeping an adequate supply requiring more of the truck space.

Service bodies, also known as utility beds, are essentially heavy-duty toolboxes on wheels. They are available in a full range of configurations, sizes, materials, and other options, enabling service technicians to haul tools, equipment, and parts they need – organized for quick and easy access – to maximize jobsite productivity. Service bodies enable employees to focus time on doing the job, instead of fumbling through cluttered piles of parts to find the right one.

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, we understand your mobile business needs and offer a variety of solutions to turn your truck into the ultimate mobile workshop. Our top options include the Maranda V-370 or V-375 – the ultimate in mobile workshops in terms of technology and design. This capsule provides unsurpassed aerodynamics, integrated rain gutters, and 60/40 doors.

All Maranda Workshop Capsules are made from high-strength, lightweight fiberglass, giving it durability, strength, and low maintenance; its universal fit for most full-size trucks with 8-foot bed lengths; and can be transferred from one truck to another fully-loaded in less than 30 minutes. There are a variety of options available to suit your needs in the oil patch, including welders, lubricating trucks, mobile equipment service, and general construction to name a few.

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, we work hard to ensure you have the right resource. Here are a few things to consider when specifying your needs in a service body or mobile workshop:

  • What equipment will be hauled in the body? Include equipment, tools, parts, materials – this list will dictate what compartment configuration will work best. Also ask Western Truck Body Manufacturing professional about bins, trays, and other options offered to determine how best to organize equipment for maximum productivity.
  • What will be hauled outside the body? This will impact payload and whether racks and/or reinforcement are needed for the body to support the equipment.
  • Will the vehicle’s payload require an enclosed body for more space, or protection from the elements and theft? A standard service body is open in the center with a tailgate, if greater security and protection is necessary, consider enclosure options available in several heights.
  • What will the anticipated maximum load weigh? If the projected total weight of chassis, body, and payload is less than 10,000 lbs., for example, the most likely candidate is a single-rear wheel ¾- to 1-ton chassis. Over that mark, a dual-rear wheel 1-ton or larger chassis is required.
  • Will the truck be operated off road? This determines whether a four-wheel drive chassis and any modifications to the body, like a spring-mounted body kit, is required to handle off-road conditions.
  • Will the truck pull a trailer? Calculate the gross combination weight rating (GCWR) chassis necessary to fit an application. GCWR is the maximum allowable weight (as certified by the truck manufacturer) of the chassis, body, and payload combined with the fully loaded weight of the trailer and its contents.
  • Will the truck be operated in a region prone to corrosion? It’s Canada so take necessary precautions.

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing we will ship anywhere in North America. Looking for service bodies or slip in bodies for your truck? Call our Edmonton shop today at 780-466-8065.