Truck Mounted Cranes in Edmonton

Truck mounted cranes are referred to frequently as ‘yard’ or ‘shop’ cranes because of their many general applications. A crane is mounted on a motorized vehicle with chassis of standard design, on heavy duty chassis (when the capacity is up to 7.5 tonne), or on special purpose chassis.


Truck cranes are used for handling large and heavy pieces, as in pipe, lumber, or car wheels, as example out of freight cars and flatbed trucks and into and out of storage. They are used on location and in warehouses, and large assembly plants that are ideal for crane truck activities. Various crane attachments add to their ability to handle a wide range of items effectively. Grabs, lings, specialized carriers and magnets are among the accessory equipment that makes them versatile handlers.


Western Truck Body Mfg. carries and installs to the highest quality and standards including – Auto Crane, Cobra, Big Max, Liftmoore, Fassi, and Spitzlift – and specializes in Tiger and Venturo Cranes.


Tiger Cranes build high quality telescoping boom cranes from 2,000 to 14,000 lbs. capacity. Tiger Cranes offer enhanced features such as booming load capacity, sealed rotation centers to eliminate drip pan need, Anti-Bounce and Auto II Speed technology, powder coated inner booms and turrets, and highly reliable control systems.


The Tiger Crane 3215E brings a new level of safety and performance to the small crane market. The 3215E features a full hydraulic extension from 9 feet to 15 feet with no manual jib. The enhanced design of the 3215E had reduced the weight of the crane to 745 lbs. Powder coated main boom, jib, and components offer increased durability and extended life. An improved worm gear power rotation with one piece cast housing provides 400 degrees of rotation. Overload protection is now standard and includes technology that prevents loads from being bounced past safe lifting limits.


The Tiger Crane 5031 hydraulic and 5031E electric cranes were designed and built to provide the operator with an enhanced level of speed, control and safety in the telescoping crane market.


Venco Venturo Industries LLC has been creating a specialized line of high-caliber cranes and hoists for over 50 years. Venturo’s quality products are rugged, reliable, made in America, with craftsmanship built to last, offering cranes and hoists for the building supply, construction, public works, mining, railroad, oil/gas, propane markets and much more.


The Venturo CE6K is a 2,000 lb. crane and is available is your choice of boom sizes, mast heights, and winches to meet a variety of lifting needs. Features electric winch, manual rotation, manual extension and manual elevation.


The Venturo CT310KX crane has a 1,900 lb. maximum lifting capacity, a 6,650 ft.-lb. moment rating, electric-hydraulic power, a high-efficiency and heavy-duty electric planetary winch, a 12v permanent magnet motor, and a dual load applied and dynamic braking system, amongst its many features.



Western Truck Body Mfg. has a large selection of truck mounted cranes for use in any industry. Let our expert’s help you choose the right crane for your new, existing truck or complete fleet. We will customize it to fill your specific need, install, and help you maintain it to maximize your investment.


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