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Truck Tool Boxes

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing we know toolboxes and carry a number of styles and fits for all makes of pickup trucks and utility vehicles. We carry Knapheide Under Body Tool Boxes and the Adrian Steel Tool Box, as well as custom manufacture high quality tool side, top, and deck boxes, tool chest Heli lift box, and van SUV toolboxes to fit your specific work needs.

You don’t have to be a construction worker to enjoy the benefits of a truck tool box. In fact, adding a tool box to the bed of your truck can provide the storage, organization, and security whether you’re on the job a weekend retreat. With the right style and size, a truck tool box can transform your pickup into a vehicle of organization and efficiency. Most truck tool boxes are also equipped with locking mechanisms and are securely bolted to your truck bed to keep your valuable equipment under lockdown at all times.

If you are using a Knapheide Platform, Gooseneck or Dump Body (flatbeds) then the Knapheide Under Body Tool Box is the perfect storage solution for you. With three different sizes in stock the Underbody Toolbox line can store nearly anything out of your tools. With a thick coat of corrosion resistant primer and a glossy top coat of black paint, the Under Body Tool Box is tough to beat.

The Adrian Steel Tool Box, AD101 18 Inch Single Lid Crossbox fits most late model full size pickups, short and long bed Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram.

Truck bed tool boxes are generally grouped by where they’re mounted and what they’re made of. However, with a variety of styles available, it’s important to take the time to determine which style is most appropriate for your pickup. Think about the following questions to determine the right style for you:

  • What tools do you plan to keep in it and how much room they take up?
  • How frequently will you access the tools?
  • Which styles offer the easiest access?
  • How much cargo room do you need once your tool box is in place?

Trucks and truck beds come in roughly standardized sizes, as do truck tool, however, there are a few measurements you should take when choosing a truck tool box:

  • Height of the bed wall
  • Distance between the outside of the bed rails
  • Distance between the inside of the bed rails
  • Distance between the base of the wheel wells and bulkhead

If you’re in the Edmonton area and looking for truck tool boxes call us at 780-466-8065 to learn more about the tool boxes we have in stock.