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Truck Work Lights, Hamsar Products at Western Truck Body

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, we know what hard work means, and the value of safety – at all times of day. That’s why we carry Hamsar Work Lights.

You’ll never have to work in the dark again. The Hamsar Visi-Light® LED work light utilizes the latest and most powerful LED technology. Provides dependable and efficient working light for your truck from high power LEDs in four effective beam patterns: Spot; Wide Flood; Medium Flood; and, Hybrid Spot and Flood.

Hamsar has work lights for any environment. Whether LED, HID/XENON, Halogen or powerful LED Bars each product is easily mounted and ready for the job. All work lights are 12 – 24Vdc. Additional features include energy efficiency, a solid state design, a long life at 50,000+ hours, and are weather resistant (IP68 rating). Hamsar carries a diverse line of LED and Halogen forward lighting solutions for heavy duty trucks, pickup trucks, RV/Bus, Jeep and light duty vehicles.

They are ideal for many of Alberta and BC’s outdoor industries including mining, forestry, construction, and agriculture. They can be used in transportation for loading and unloading or for landscapers doing snow removal in winter. For the weekend, they support your utility needs and make having fun safer.

Work Safe Alberta’s Occupational Health & Safety Code, under Part 12 General Safety Precautions, Section 186 Lighting, notes that “The OHS Code does not specify minimum lighting levels. Employers must determine if lighting at the work site is adequate for the tasks being performed and the conditions at the site.” The Code suggests employers should consider the following factors when establishing lighting levels:

  • the type of activity or task being performed;
  • the importance of speed and accuracy in performing the visual task; and
  • the worker’s needs.

Employers and workers interested in recommended types of lighting and minimum lighting levels under various conditions should refer to the Lighting Handbook – Reference and Application (9th Edition), published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

Work Safe BC’s Occupational Health & Safety Regulations Section 4.65 Illumination levels states that: “Except as otherwise provided in this section and section 4.69, an employer must provide and maintain minimum illumination levels to ensure safe working conditions, safe passage and the identification of hazards or obstructions,” and also refers to the Lighting Handbook.

At Western Truck Body Manufacturing, work lights are available in fixed mount or rotating remote control versions for precise light positioning. If you are not sure which work light or spot light you need, please feel free to contact our lighting specialists. Installing lighting accessories, and many other custom options is what we do best.

Whether you’re in Alberta or British Columbia, we’re here to help. Call today at 780-466-8065 and find out how.