Tiger 5031E Crane

Tiger 5031E Crane

Tiger 5031E Crane


5031 and 5031E

The Tiger Crane 5031 hydraulic and 5031E electric cranes were designed and built to provide the operator with an enhanced level of speed, control and safety in the telescoping crane market.


The 5031 uses a hydraulic planetary winch that will spool cable up to 70ft/min. Wireless Proportional Control features frequency hopping technology for interference free use. A 33 ft. tether cord comes standard and can be used instead of batteries, or in areas where radio use is not permitted.

The 5031E uses vehicle supplied 12VDC to power the electric planetary winch and hydraulic power unit to supply fluid to the hydraulic cylinder and rotation functions. A standard 25’ tethered remote is provided for controls.

Specifications for 5031 and 5031E:

Crane Rating: 30,000ft/lbs.
Lifting Capacities: 5000 lbs. lift @ 6 ft.
Maximum Reach: 21 ft. from CL
Maximum Height: 22.5 ft. from base of crane
Maximum Lift: 2500 lbs. single part line
5000 lbs. double part line
Stowed Height: 36”
Rotation: 400 degrees with double reduction (worm & pinion)

Boom Elevation: -5 to +75 degrees
Cable: Galvanized 120 ft.
Weight: 1380 lbs. – 5031 (crane only)
1395 lbs. – 5031E (crane only)
Control: 5031 – Wireless Proportional with 33 ft. tether cord
5031E – 25 Tethered cord Remote
Mounting Space: 22” X 30”
Battery Required: 5031E – 700 Cold Crank Amps
Min GVW Required: 14,500 lbs.