Tiger Crane 3215E

                  The Tiger Crane 3215E brings a new level of safety and performance to the small crane market. The 3215E features a full hydraulic extension from 9 feet to 15 feet with no manual jib. The enhanced design of the 3215E had reduced the weight of the crane to 745 lbs. Powder coated main boom, jib and components offer increased durability and extended life. An improved worm gear power rotation with one piece cast housing provides 400 degrees of rotation. Overload protection is now standard and includes … [Read more...]

Tiger 5031E Crane

TIGER CRANE 5031 and 5031E The Tiger Crane 5031 hydraulic and 5031E electric cranes were designed and built to provide the operator with an enhanced level of speed, control and safety in the telescoping crane market.   The 5031 uses a hydraulic planetary winch that will spool cable up to 70ft/min. Wireless Proportional Control features frequency hopping technology for interference free use. A 33 ft. tether cord comes standard and can be used instead of batteries, or in areas where radio use is not permitted. The 5031E uses vehicle supplied 12VDC to power the electric … [Read more...]