Venturo Crane CE6K

The CE6K is a 2,000 lb. crane and is available is your choice of boom sizes, mast heights, and winches to meet a variety of lifting needs. Features electric winch, manual rotation, manual extension and manual elevation.

Venturo CE6ke

Venturo CE6ke

Features for CE6K:

  • 3-5 ft. manual boom; optional 4-7 ft. manual boom
  • 3-Position boom elevation (20 deg., 40 deg., 60 deg.
    2000 lbs. Lifting Capacity at 3’ Reach
    1200 lbs. Lifting Capacity at 5’ Reach
    850 lbs. Lifting Capacity at 7’ Reach
  • 6000 ft.-lb. moment rating
  • Rotation Band Brake with unlimited 360 deg. Positioning
  • Electric Power – 12V DC
  • Compact footprint: 10”x10” base plate with 7.5”x7.5” bolt pattern
  • Standard or Heavy Duty Winch

Standard Equipment:

  • Remote Control Pendant: 12 ft. cord with quick disconnect
  • Snatch Block with swivel hook and safety latch
  • Battery cable: 25 ft., 4 gauge
  • Weight: 247 lbs. (3-5 ft. boom); 265 lbs. (4-7 ft.)


  • Short Mast for utility body mounting
  • 120V AC winch (1500 lb. max capacity)
  • Outriggers for all style bodies
  • Master disconnect switch
  • Circuit breaker


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