Venturo ET12KX

Product Info: Venturo ET12KX Spec Sheet … [Read more...]

Venturo Crane CE6K

The CE6K is a 2,000 lb. crane and is available is your choice of boom sizes, mast heights, and winches to meet a variety of lifting needs. Features electric winch, manual rotation, manual extension and manual elevation. Features for CE6K: 3-5 ft. manual boom; optional 4-7 ft. manual boom 3-Position boom elevation (20 deg., 40 deg., 60 deg. LIFTING CAPACITIES: 2000 lbs. Lifting Capacity at 3’ Reach 1200 lbs. Lifting Capacity at 5’ Reach 850 lbs. Lifting Capacity at 7’ Reach 6000 ft.-lb. moment rating Rotation Band Brake with unlimited 360 deg. Positioning Electric Power … [Read more...]

Venturo Crane CT310KX

1,900 lb.Maximum Lifting Capacity 6,650 ft.-lb.Moment Rating Electric-Hydraulic Power High-Efficiency,Heavy-Duty Electric Planetary Winch 26 / 0 lbs.;18 ft./ 1,000 lbs. 12V Permanent Magnet Motor Dual Load Applied and Dynamic Braking System High-Efficiency 3-Stage Planetary Geartrain (216:1) Hydraulic Power Boom Extension to 6' 3" Manual Boom Extension to 9' 3" 322-degree Power Rotation Load-Holding Counterbalance Valves on All Cylinders Compact Footprint: Requires 13"x  13"Mounting Area Meets ANSI B30.5 Safety Standards Meets OSHA 1910.180 … [Read more...]