Knapheide Dump Bodies

Knapheide Dump Body

KDBF912A 60" C/A chassis - capacity 2.42 yards - length 9'2" sides 12" fixed Steel Dump Body installed on your Chassis Features: Light Duty, contractor's dump body for use on single axle, one ton trucks Fixed construction Fabricated interlaced 12ga. sub-frame which accepts scissor type hoist Pockets on top of sides for extension (cheater) boards Double acting 10ga. tailgate with spreader chains and quick release top pins Tailgate release is positive locking with handle at left front corner of body Knapheide standard, reflectorized, grommet mounted clearance … [Read more...]

Knapheide KDBDS912A

Standard Dump Body Features (body shown with optional equipment): Sides and tailgate feature self-cleaning sloped top rails and lower rails Sides are constructed of 10 gauge high tensile steel 2x6 side board pockets on the sides at the front and rear allow for increased load capacity Versatile double acting tailgate in order to accomodate both drop down pick-up style and spreader applications Quick release, one-handed lever for easy drop down action on the tailgate Toe saver brackets located on both sides of the end rail for operator safety Rear corner posts equipped with a hook on … [Read more...]