Knapheide Dump Body

Knapheide Dumpbody KDBF-912A

Knapheide Dumpbody KDBF-912A

KDBF912A 60″ C/A chassis – capacity 2.42 yards – length 9’2″

sides 12″ fixed

Steel Dump Body installed on your Chassis


  • Light Duty, contractor’s dump body for use on single axle, one ton trucks
  • Fixed construction
  • Fabricated interlaced 12ga. sub-frame which accepts scissor type hoist
  • Pockets on top of sides for extension (cheater) boards
  • Double acting 10ga. tailgate with spreader chains and quick release top pins
  • Tailgate release is positive locking with handle at left front corner of body
  • Knapheide standard, reflectorized, grommet mounted clearance lights provided, meeting Federal Safety Standard No. 108
  • 100% fully solid welded construction
  • Install: 8.6 ton Knaphoist, single 4″ cylinder, self-contained 12 volt electric/hydraulic pump, pendent switch control mounted in cab
  • Install factory take off tail lights
  • Painted White
Knapheide Dump Body KDBF-916A

Knapheide Dump Body KDBF-916A

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