Knapheide KDBDS912A



Standard Dump Body Features (body shown with optional equipment):

Sides and tailgate feature self-cleaning sloped top rails and lower rails
Sides are constructed of 10 gauge high tensile steel
2×6 side board pockets on the sides at the front and rear allow for increased load capacity
Versatile double acting tailgate in order to accomodate both drop down pick-up style and spreader applications
Quick release, one-handed lever for easy drop down action on the tailgate
Toe saver brackets located on both sides of the end rail for operator safety
Rear corner posts equipped with a hook on each side for an optional tarp
Tapered, quarter cab protector constructed of 10 gauge high tensile steel with a punched window for visibility
Other features not shown:

Double panel tailgate construction with 12 gauge HY50 outer panel and 10 gauge HY50 inner panel
Fully boxed long sills are constructed of 7 gauge HRCQ steel and run the entire length of the floor
Floor is constructed of two pieces of 7 gauge HRCQ steel and is full seam welded in the center
Understructure is crossmemberless
Corrosion protection is provided through complete immersion in Knapheide’s 12 stage electrodeposition prime paint system
Bodies are fully protected with Knapheide’s water based undercoat
Popular Options:

Metering chute installed in tailgate for controlled delivery of material
Oval LED Stop/Tail/Turn lights in rear corner posts
Back up Alarm/Body Raise indicator
2″x6″ Polyboard sideboard extensions fit in bed side pockets
Crank style pull tarp with mounting brackets for attaching to cab protector
Window shade style pull tarp with mounting brackets for attaching to cab protector
Frame mounted underbody toolboxes for additional storage
ICC bumper to meet DOT under ride protection requirements
Class V receiver hitch with 2.5″ receiver opening
Subframe Hoists:

ED models are powered by a 12 volt pump with a pendant switch control
DC models are powered by a PTO direct mount pump with push/pull control cables
Double acting hoist provides power up and down
Rugged steel lift arm construction provides stable ligting with smooth movement up and down

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